Zoom Schwartz Profigliano

(the one where players pass a zoom across the circle)

In this warm-up, (which also doubles as a popular drinking game) players pass words across a circle, each with a unique rule, trying to trick other players into accidentally breaking the rules. ZOOM passes across the circle (with eye contact). SCHWARTZ deflects back to the player who passed it to you (again with eye contact). PROFIGLIANO deflects back to the player who passed it to you, but while making eye contact with a different player (as a fake out). In the drinking game, anyone who messes up in any way has to take a drink. In the improv version, if someone messes up, everyone throws a knee up into the middle of the circle and yells "Awooga!"

(aka: Figliano, Zoom Schwartz Bifigliano, Zoom Schwartz Perfigliano)


Pro Tips:

  • You cannot ZOOM back to the player who ZOOMed to you. That would be a SCHWARTZ. But you can ZOOM to anyone else.
  • Once you get used to the three basic rules, you can start adding more. BUTAMAN passes it to the player to your right and COLEMAN passes to the player to your left (regardless of who you are looking at). SMITH doesn't pass at all (or passes to yourself) and can be used as a fake out. 
  • Go fast and add rules until players are messing up regularly. The goal is mischief and playfulness, so don't get so caught up in the rules that it ruins the fun of the game.

Alternate Versions:

  • Zoom Schwartz Profigliano is one of those game that is constantly morphing, changing rules and making up new rules with each new group that discovers it.  Some groups play with an emphasis on the "fake out" aspect of the game, actively trying to mess each other up. Other groups just add so many silly rules that messing up is inevitable and you don't have to worry about faking anyone out.
  • Most of the rules in Zoom Schwartz Profigliano can be added to other similar games like Woosh Bang Pow or Bippity Bippity Bop. 
  • @MyMagicLesson recommends the following extra rules: TWIZZLER passes to the player behind you, so if you're looking at the player to your right, it passes to the player on your left. LAMBADA passes to the right or left not via eye contact, but by touching hips with the other player. RAMP passes to the right or left, but skipping over the person next to you. HEY MICKEY doesn't pass at all, but makes someone put their hands to their ears and laugh like Mickey Mouse. CHAKRUM is an ancient throwing weapon that disembowels everyone around the circle and then returns to you.