Zombie Names

(the one where players say names and play zombies)

In this warm-up, one player crosses the circle as a Zombie headed toward a victim. The victim desperately makes eye contact with someone else around the circle whose job it is to save her by calling a new name (giving the Zombie a new target). To repeat, the victim CANNOT CALL A NEW NAME THEMSELVES but must get someone else to do it. If a new name is called successfully, the Zombie starts shuffling toward the new victim. If a new name is not called in time, the Zombie eats the victim’s brains and she become the new Zombie, heading across the circle to eat someone’s brains.

(aka: Zombie Name Game, Zombie, Dracula)


Pro Tips:

  • This game is intentionally confusing, so Zombies should start slow and build up speed as people get the hang of it.
  • When the Zombie reaches a victim, don’t be shy or polite or wait to see if someone will save them. Eat those brains!
  • The more the Zombies get into character (groaning, shuffling, making faces) the more fun the game is.
  • New Zombies should probably to go after the player who failed to save them or screwed them over by calling their name when the Zombie was right next to them. If no one screwed you over then you just pick a random victim.

Alternate Versions:

  • You can play Zombie Names where victims save themselves by just calling a new name themselves, but it’s not much fun and it’s hard for the zombie to ever actually get anyone. This version might be useful for introducing kids to the game before playing the real version. Even better, try Newspaper Names.
  • Replace the Zombie with a Dracula. Same exact game.