String of Pearls

(the one where players tell a story out of order)

In this game for performance, players tell a story out of order, once sentence at a time. One player steps forward and makes up the first line. A second player steps forward and makes up a last line that has absolutely nothing to do with the first. The rest of the players each fill in a line of the story wherever they can, trying to bring things together and end up with a story that makes complete sense. Every time a new line is added, the players go down the string and repeat their lines first to last. This game works best with 7 or 8 players.  

(aka: Story String, Beads on a String)


Pro Tips:

  • You don't need an audience suggestion for this game, but if you like you can take a suggestion for the title of the story, or get a couple words to inspire the first and last lines. 
  • The first line and last line should be so completely unrelated that the audience laughs at the impossible task that you've set for yourselves. 
  • If you're playing with seven or more people, the third line should be relatively unrelated as well and go somewhere in the middle. Otherwise the story can come together too easily. 

Alternate Versions:

  • If you only have three or four players, you can assign each of them two or three lines each. Or if you have one brave player, you can do a solo version of String of Pearls in which she generates all of the lines. 
  • Try a musical version in which all of the lines are sung and by the end you have a story that is also a song. 

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