Soul Train

(the one where players dance down the line)

In this warm-up, players face each other in two long lines, and the two players at the end break off and dancing down the middle of the line to the other end together while the line cheers them on. Players can take turns leading and following each other in crazy dancing, or try to mirror each other and do a synchronized dance down the line. Obviously fun dance music should be playing the whole time. 


Pro tips:

  • Players should connect with each other when they start dancing with some eye contact. 

Alternate Versions:

  • The player in the middle can also call out TRAINWRECK!, at which point everyone in the circle has to switch to a new chair. This is useful for relieving the pressure of coming up with new truths every time.
  • You can play the Never Have I Ever version of this game with the player in the middle saying something that is NOT TRUE about themselves. Players that have done that thing all switch places.
  • In a version called Fruit Bowl, instead of saying true things, each player has been assigned a fruit, so when the person in the middle calls “Strawberry” then all the strawberry players have to switch places. If FRUITBOWL is called, everyone switches places. This allows you to play the fun switching aspect of the game without having to come up with new criteria every time. Good for kids or as a simple icebreaker.
  • For a less competitive and more inclusive version of this game, check out Come Over Here.

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