(the one where players use props in new ways)

In this game for performance, two teams of players compete to make up new/original/funny uses for everyday objects. Each team is given an object (e.g. a Pool Noodle and a Traffic Cone) which they take turns using in original ways (the Pool Noodle could be a giant unicorn horn, an umbilical cord, a jump rope, etc.). The first team to hesitate or fail to come up with something loses that round. New props are used in each new round. 

(aka: Pass the Prop)


Pro Tips:

  • Everyday household objects are fine for practice (phones, coat hangers, staplers) but for a show, bigger and weirder objects are more fun (giant fuzzy dice, blow up dolls, an oddly shaped pillow).
  • Instead of just saying what the object is, actually use it as that new thing, as if you're playing an incredibly short scene with dialogue and action. 

Alternate Versions:

  • Play this as a line game (no teams) in which players step forward individually from the back line and use the prop in a new/original/funny way.
  • Use Props as a warm-up by passing a prop around the circle and having each person use it in a new way, or just calling it what it actually is if they’re not inspired or feeling pressured. Introduce new props regularly. 
  • @ThinkMagnet keeps a photo folder on her phone with pictures of interesting objects so she can play Props on the go. 

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