One Word At A Time

(the one where players speak in turn)

In this game for performance, multiple players speak as one person by taking turns saying Each…Next…Word. Since this is more of an improv skill or trick than a structured game, it can be used in a variety of ways. Classic scenarios include 1) answering questions as an expert on a topic, 2) answering questions as an all-knowing oracle or 3) telling an improvised story.

(aka: Oracle, Word At A Time Story, Word At A Time Expert, Two-Headed Professor, Words of Wisdom)


Pro Tips:

  • Go fast. Avoid hesitation and overthinking.
  • Players should share the same physicality, voice, character, etc.
  • Keep it simple. Trying to be clever or original will get confusing fast.

Alternate Versions:

  • Try improvising movie trailers One Word At A Time (“In…A…World…Where…”)
  • Improvise a scene in which one of the characters is played by multiple improvisers speaking One Word At A Time. Or both of the characters!
  • Play this as a warm up, creating a story One Word At A Time around the circle.
  • Or try creating weird but wise sayings around the circle. When the saying feels complete, everyone agrees by nodding and chanting “Yes Yes Yes Yes.”
  • Try speaking TWO words at a time, or THREE words at a time. This can be helpful for less experienced players or kids.
  • Try this game with an audience member as one of the players.