Newspaper Names

(the one where players hit each other with newspapers)

In this warm-up, one player stands in the middle of a circle with a rolled up newspaper and tries to hit players around the circle as their names are called. When a player’s name is called she has to quickly say another player’s name before getting hit. If she gets hit before calling out a new name then she becomes the new person in the middle. Otherwise the middle player keeps trying to hit the player whose name was last called.

(aka: The Newspaper Game)


Pro Tips:

  • Everyone around the circle should be within arms reach of the person in the middle. No dodging!
  • After someone gets out of the middle, they call the first name of the next round.
  • To make the game more risky and fun, try not planning whose name you’re going to call out next.
  • Once you get good at the game, add the rule that you can’t call back the person who called you.

Alternate Versions:

  • You can use a balloon or a Nerf bat or anything firm enough to be alarming without actually hurting anyone.
  • Or if you can’t find anything fun to use, everyone around the circle can hold their hand out, and the player in the middle has to tag their hand when their name is called.
  • If you’re too good at the game, try assigning everyone new names (from a popular movie, or switch names with each other, or just make up random characters).
  • There’s a Zombie version of this game, but it doesn’t work very well. Check out Zombie Names instead.