I'm a Tree

(the one where players create sets of three things that go together)

In this warm-up, players stand in a circle and create sets of three things in the middle. To get the game started a first players steps into the circle and says "I'm a Tree" while also assuming the physicality of a tree. A second player steps in to become something that goes with a tree ("I'm a bird,") and then the third player steps in as something that completes the picture ("I'm a nest"). Once we have three things in the middle, the first player decides which of the other two stays and you build a new set of three things on that. ("I'm a bird" "I'm a birdwatcher" "I'm a pair of binoculars")


(aka: ???)


Pro tips:

  • Play fast, and encourage people not to stress out trying to come up with great ideas. Obvious ideas are super satisfying. 
  • Try asking players to be more specific with their offers (not just "I'm a tree," but "I'm an old willow tree with branches that hang all the way to the ground.")

Alternate Versions:

  • If a set of three is especially intriguing, you can call out "Let's see that scene"

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