Hat Game

(the one where players try to steal each other's hats)

In this game for performance, two players improvise a scene while wearing hats, each looking for an opportunity to steal the other player's hat, and of course trying to prevent the other player from stealing their hat. You can steal a hat by grabbing it, ideally when the other player isn't paying attention. You can protect your hat by dodging or blocking the other person's grab or by holding onto your own hat. A clean grab awards the successful player one point, but a missed grab counts as a point for the other player. Hat Game can be played for points between two people, or as a tournament or king-of-the-hill competition with more participants.

(aka: Hats)


Pro Tips:

  • Hat Game is the ultimate zen contest. If you're not present in the moment, the other player will steal your hat. If you're not present in the moment, you won't recognize when you can steal their hat. In fact, the whole point of Hat Game is to train improvisers to recognize when they're "thinking" or "planning what to do next" because in those moments their hats are likely to be stolen.
  • New players might have fun planning and scheming to steal the other person's hat ("What's that over there?" or trying to maneuver their hands into an advantageous position) but once you've been playing for a while those strategies become ineffective because they tell the other player that you're trying to take their hat and puts them on high alert.
  • Hat Game is most fun when the players are so close together that the hats are always in danger. If you're more than an arms reach away, it's much harder to see the moment of opportunity and grab the hat.

Alternate Versions:

  • If you want to build up your gibberish skills you can play a version of this game using slips of paper with gibberish phrases written on them (or even use sentences written in another language). 
  • Try doing a gibberish poet with a translator, and then add an interpretive dancer as well.
  • For a more scenic game involving gibberish, check out Foreign Film.

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