Exaggeration Circle

(the one where players exaggerate around the circle)

In this warm-up, players pass a sound and a gesture around the circle, starting small and growing it with each person until it’s impossibly big. Each person’s job is to just slightly exaggerate the sound and gesture exactly as the person before them did it. 

(aka: ???)


Pro tips:

  • Start small so there’s more room for the movement to grow.
  • Make sure that each player exaggerates slightly and that it doesn’t get smaller or plateau.
  • Try not to change the movement intentionally. Just look for what the player before you did and do that a little bit more.
  • You can either let it keep going around the circle until the movement “climaxes” and there’s no way it can get any bigger, or you can agree that each movement will go around the circle some set number of times.

Alternate Versions:

  • Pass a character across the circle by walking up to another player and delivering a line. They repeat the character as precisely as possible as they walk across to another player. 

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