Enemy Defender

(the one where players try to move to a safe position)

In this warm-up, everyone in the room picks one other player to be their ENEMY for the duration of the game and a second player to be their DEFENDER. When the game begins each player tries to maneuver himself so that his defender is between him and his enemy, which is actually difficult because those two players are doing the same thing with their respective enemies and defenders. Give the players less than a minute to run around trying to get and stay safe.

(aka: Enemy Protector, Bomb and Shield, Sun and Moon)


Pro tips:

  • There is a 99.9% chance that not everyone will be able to be safe at the same time. But there's a .1% chance that the math will work out perfectly and the group will achieve a still state in which everyone has successfully placed themselves on the other side of their defender from their enemy.
  • If safety is a concern, ask the players to walk at half speed.

Alternate Versions:

  • Try getting the players to position themselves in an equilateral triangle with their Enemy and Defender. Or just to get equidistant from their two people. Or ask them to try and get between their two people and watch them attempt the mathematically and physically impossible.

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