Dolphin Training

(the one where players get dinged toward their goal)

In this training exercise, one player is sent out of the room and the group secretly decides what action they want her to do when she comes back. When she returns, the player starts trying anything and everything she can think of and the group leads her to the correct action using positive reinforcement in the form of a "ding!" If she steps in the right direction, she gets a ding. If she steps in the wrong direction the group just watches politely and quietly. If she touches the right thing, she gets a ding. If she moves her hand in a way that seems likely to lead her in the right direction, she gets a ding. Start with simple actions like sitting down in a specific chair or turning off a light switch or picking up someone's jacket from the floor, and then start growing the complexity of the action (take someone else's glasses and try them on, do a push up in the middle of the room, sing the national anthem)

(aka: Ding)


Pro tips:

  • Make sure to discourage anyone in the group from providing negative feedback. Laughing when people are playfully trying wrong things is totally okay.

Alternate Versions:

  • In pairs

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