Do You Like Your Neighbors?

(the one where players share truths and change places)

In this warm-up, Everyone in a circle, one person in the middle. They point at someone and ask “Do you like your neighbors?” If that player answers “Yes” then the two players on either side of him have to switch places while the person in the middle tries to slip into one of the open spaces. If the player answers “No” then you ask them “Who do you want instead?” and they say two names of people across the circle. Those people have to try to come get into the empty spots left by the neighbors, and the person in the middle as always is trying to slip into an empty spot, leaving a new person in the middle. Once they get good at this game, you can start letting people switch mischievously at any time. 


(aka: I’m Cool Because, I’m Cool And So Are You, Fruit Bowl, Truth Move, Trainwreck)


Pro tips:

  • Have everyone around the circle sitting in chairs so it’s clear which spots are open.
  • Players can’t go back to the spot that they just left.
  • Share truths that people can’t tell just by looking at you. “Anyone who has brown hair” is less revealing than “Anyone who follows politics.”
  • If the group is up for it, don’t be afraid to get a little bit spicy or risque.

Alternate Versions:

  • The player in the middle can also call out TRAINWRECK!, at which point everyone in the circle has to switch to a new chair. This is useful for relieving the pressure of coming up with new truths every time.
  • You can play the Never Have I Ever version of this game with the player in the middle saying something that is NOT TRUE about themselves. Players that have done that thing all switch places.
  • In a version called Fruit Bowl, instead of saying true things, each player has been assigned a fruit, so when the person in the middle calls “Strawberry” then all the strawberry players have to switch places. If FRUITBOWL is called, everyone switches places. This allows you to play the fun switching aspect of the game without having to come up with new criteria every time. Good for kids or as a simple icebreaker.
  • For a less competitive and more inclusive version of this game, check out Come Over Here.

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