(the one where players clap to a song about Czechoslovakia)

In this warm-up, players stand in a circle and chant a song about Czechoslovakia while clapping, stomping and generally following the directions in the song. Lyrics and movements vary, but a common version of the song follows:

Czechoslovakia, Boom-sha-Boom. Yugoslavia, Boom-sha-Boom.
Let's get the rhythm of the hands, [clap clap clap]
We've got the rhythm of the hands, [clap clap clap]
Let's get the rhythm of the feet, [stomp stomp stomp]
We've got the rhythm of the feet, [stomp stomp stomp]
Let's get the rhythm of the hips, [shake shake shake]
We've got the rhythm of the hips, [shake shake shake]
Let's get the rhythm of the eyes, Eyes!
We've got the rhythm of the eyes, Eyes!

Then do it again faster, and then again faster, and then the fastest final round is silent, with only the clapping and movements and no words. Ultimately no description is going to do this game justice, so you should probably check out the video.

(aka: Czechoslovakia, Boom-sha-Boom!, Czechoslovakia Boom Chicka Boom)


Pro Tips:

  • This game is intentionally complicated and gets progressively more difficult as you speed up. Try to laugh and enjoy the moment where you mess up or go off the rails. 
  • When introducing Czechoslovakia to new players, go slow and let them get the hang of it before speeding it up.
  • A common clapping pattern is 1) clap your hands, 2) clap to your neighbor on both sides, 3) clap your hands, 4) clap your thighs. Repeat.  

Alternate Versions:

  • Different groups do different versions of the lyrics and movements. The video shown above does a different thing for hips than the version I'm familiar with. 
  • Try having everyone turn around and do it facing outward for the final version. 
  • @davebuckman recommends "Tacoslovakia" in which pretty much everything in the game is replaced with "Taco!" (Tacoslovakia, Boom-sha-Boom, Tacoslavia...Let's get the rhythm of the hands, Taco! Taco! Taco!, etc.)

If you know more about this game, leave a comment and we'll update the website.