Chain Murder

(the one where players guess the details of a murder mystery)

In this game for performance, the first player takes suggestions for the details of a murder while the other three players are out of the room. A second player returns and, with both players using only mime and gibberish, the first player has to communicate the LOCATION where the murder occurred (dining room, library, etc. ) the PROFESSION of the murderer (sports announcer, steam boat captain, etc.) and finally the murder WEAPON (usually something unconventional like a spatula, drivers licence, etc.). Once the second player thinks she knows the three things, she kills the first player with the weapon and calls in a third player, and then she tries to communicate the three things all over again. At the end of the game, the four players line up in order and each say what they thought the suggestions were. Like a fun game of Telephone, some of the details will accidentally change or get completely lost by the end. 

(aka: Chain Murder Death, Murder Death Kill, Chain Murder Endowments, Telephone Murder, Serial Killer, Gibbering Death, Location Career Death, Location Occupation Weapon )


Pro Tips:

  • Players should give clues in the same order each time: LOCATION, OCCUPATION and WEAPON. When the second player thinks she understands one of the suggestions, she acts it out or gives a thumbs up or some other signal so the first player can move on to the next piece of information.
  • The guessing players should make strong choices and be actively engaged in the gibberish conversation even when they have no idea what is going on - especially when they have no idea what's going on.
  • If necessary, give a time limit to keep things moving along. 
  • Chain Murder is a bit disappointing if all the suggestions make it through clearly to the end.  Be willing to be wrong; play risky, go fast and make bold choices. 
  • For added challenge, encourage each player to communicate the details in a different way than the person before them. 
  • Likewise, instead of communicating bathroom by brushing your teeth at the sink, try to get the guessing player to brush her teeth at the sink. Instead of being a doctor by using a stethoscope, try to get the other player to be a doctor. 

Alternate Versions:

  • Four players is the sweet spot, but you could play this game with more or less.
  • The speed version of Chain Murder only gives the players 10 seconds to communicate each piece of information, so each round would be 30 seconds total.
  • Try keeping the audience in the dark on the suggestions as well as the players, so the first player just decides on the three details without telling anyone else. 
  • Try using suggestions other than Location, Occupation and Weapon. 

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