Cat And Mouse Tag

(the one where players share truths and change places)

In this warm-up, players stand in pairs around the room, each pair standing side by side and linking arms. Two more players are not linking arms since they are the Cat and Mouse The Cat chases the Mouse and the only way for the Mouse to get safe is to link arms with one of the pairs, at which point the person on the other side unlinks and becomes the new Mouse. If the Cat catches and tags the Mouse, they switch roles and the Mouse becomes the Bunny.

(aka: Fox And Bunny)


Pro tips:

  • Have everyone around the circle sitting in chairs so it’s clear which spots are open.
  • Players can’t go back to the spot that they just left.
  • Share truths that people can’t tell just by looking at you. “Anyone who has brown hair” is less revealing than “Anyone who follows politics.”
  • If the group is up for it, don’t be afraid to get a little bit spicy or risque.

Alternate Versions:

  • In the Fox and Bunny version, partners stand facing each other, loosely holding both hands. To safely join a pair, the Bunny ducks between them and takes one player's place in the pair. The newly single player becomes the new Bunny.

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