Norwegian Chairs

(the one where players try to keep someone from sitting down)

In this warm-up, players sit in chairs randomly scattered around the room. One player stands up and, starting from the door, tries to sit back down in the empty chair while the other players try to prevent that from happening by moving from their current chair to the empty chair. The round is over when the original player manages to sit in whatever chair is currently empty. Traditionally the player who is "it" does a funny walk to slow them down and ensure the game lasts longer. The players who are trying to prevent him from sitting down must sit down in a new chair once they have left the chair they are currently in.

(aka: ???)


Pro tips:

  • If safety is a concern, ask the players to walk, avoid pushing or shoving and never pull a chair out from under another player.

Alternate Versions:

  • ???

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